NFTs for Enterprise

Create and distribute actionable Non-Fungible Tokens on private and public Ethereum Networks

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NFTs for Enterprise

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NFTs for
Asset Registration

NFTs that certify asset metadata

  1. Physical Asset NFTs that register high value items with characteristics and provenance

  2. Digital Asset NFTs that certify ownership of or rights to digital content, like a podcast

  3. Logistics NFTs that track provenance, history and timeline of an item

[fa icon="info-circle"] NFTs that register physical or digital assets can link directly to an official report from a trusted source.

NFTs for
Marketing Outreach

NFTs that drive action among your community

  1. Ticket NFTs that redeem for access to an event

  2. Coupon NFTs that distribute redeemable discounts and offers

  3. Request NFTs that collect an email address, link or social handle

[fa icon="info-circle"] Coupon NFTs hold a redeemable voucher code. Only the NFT's holder has the ability to redeem the code.

NFTs for
Driving Collaboration

NFTs that bring your community together

  1. Flash Group NFTs that form groups around a topic or cause

  2. Membership Card NFTs that create connections based on common interests

  3. Business Card NFTs that share contact information that is always up to date

[fa icon="info-circle"] Data Consent tokens register a user or website visitor's consent for your business to access their data.

On the Network you Prefer



An Ethereum sidechain with nodes made up of independent validators.


Ethereum MainNet

Choose to run on the public network or your own private node.


Ethereum TestNet

Deploy your NFTs and make test transactions on Rinkeby and Ropsten.

..with the Storage you Trust



The InterPlanetary File System is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol focused on speed.



Many developers trust the decentralized 3Box cloud to secure their most important user data.



Amazon S3 offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance




Custom Themes and URLs

Support for multiple whitelabel apps on your own, custom URLs

NFT Bundles

Distribute similar or complementary NFTs in branded Bundles

NFT Delivery Channels

Every email sent carries the logo and branding of your Custom Theme

Connect Members in Global and Local Networks

CryptoMondays is a global network of city-by-city based weekly meetups. They use a custom branded Theme on NFT.Kred to connect members through:

  • Local and global Membership Cards, where holders can connect and engage
  • Weekly collectibles that convene attendees on a topic
  • Redeemable Member-Only offers, from supporting brands and service providers

Lou KernerLou Kerner - CryptoMondays Founder

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Engage Event Attendees

The world's leading blockchain event, Consensus, shares bundles of tokenized offers from Sponsors that Attendees can trade and redeem, including:

  • Physical and digital redemptions from event Sponsors
  • NFTs redeemable for complimentary tickets to future events
  • NFTs that entitle the holder to engage a VIP Speaker in a 1-on-1 meeting

Peter BordesPeter Bordes - MD of Global Events at CoinDesk

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Reward your Customers

The Chamber of Digital Commerce celebrated their 5th Anniversary with fun, redeemable NFT giveaways, including:

  • Physical giveaways, to be shipped following submission of a simple form
  • NFTs redeemable for complimentary tickets to the DC Blockchain Summit
  • NFTs that entitle the holder to discounts on Summit sponsorships

Perianne BoringPerianne Boring - Founder & President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce

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NFT.Kred is the producer of the leading Non-Fungible Token event, NFT.NYC [fa icon="external-link"]

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