Unlock a hidden Ticket type with a submission

NFTs reveal hidden Ticket types for registration once users submit a piece of information


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Non-Fungible Token (NFT) n.
A unique digital token that securely stores information on a blockchain.

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How it works


Create a Ticket Offer

Add your branding and a link to your ticket type.

Allow holders to unlock your offer only if they submit a piece of information.


Share with your audience

Share Ticket Offers NFTs by email or even SMS.

Offers can be unlocked when users meet your specified requirements.


Monitor redemption

Monitor the performance of your Ticket Offer NFTs.

See who have received and redeemed your offer.

Why create Ticket Offer NFTs?

Limit registrations to attendees who meet your conditions
Set Ticket Offers to only be unlocked once a user submits a piece of information.
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Easy to distribute 
Tickets can be distributed to a list via Email or even SMS.
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Promote loyalty with NFTs
Give your audience extra incentives with Ticket Offer NFTs.
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Create 100 Ticket Offer NFTs for Free

Create more as you go or with simple Monthly Plans



Pay as you go

$10 /MTH


Tickets / MTH

$100 /MTH


Tickets / MTH

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