Unlock a Meetup or Group at your event with a Digital Invitation Token

Unlock Invite Tokens share Meetup details once a minimum number of RSVPs have confirmed

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Non-Fungible Token (NFT) n.
A unique digital token that securely stores information on a blockchain.

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How it works

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Activate your Invites

Choose from simple interactive templates, including coins, cards and more. 

Enter Meetup details, including min-max RSVPs.


Share with your Community

Share NFTs by email or even SMS

Community members who accept your invitation can RSVP directly from the NFT.


Unlock  your Meetup

Your Meetup is unlocked once the minimum number of RSVPs has been reached.

Details are automatically shared with attendees.

Why use Unlock Invite NFTs?

Engage Attendees
Attendees interested in the topic of your Meetup event will encourage friends to RSVP to ensure it is activated.
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Create Sponsor Value
Invite participants to Sponsor your Meetups, offering a gift or value to those who attend.
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Create Community among your Attendees
Bring people together based on their interest. 
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Easy to Share
Share it by email, SMS or social media to spread the word.
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