What are the costs to mint an NFT? [31,JL]

NFT.Kred eliminates "gas" from the user experience with Polygon.

NFT.Kred uses Polygon as its default blockchain, helping creators, communities and brands create scalable NFT experiences.

Polygon is an Ethereum compatible Layer 2 solution which supports Ethereum NFT standards.

With its Proof of Stake consensus, transactions on Polygon are usually completed in a few seconds and have significantly lower transaction fees (or "gas") than Ethereum.
To simplify and improve the user experience, NFT.Kred absorbs network transaction fees on Polygon, and provides users with an allocated NFT limit based on their monthly pricing plan.

    Want to use Ethereum instead?

    Switching your NFT Hub's default blockchain to Ethereum is as simple as flicking a switch and either creating or adding your existing Ethereum contract. Network transaction fees apply when interacting with the Ethereum blockchain.


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