How can I see pending Requests and Offers? [103]

NFT.Kred makes NFTs social, with simple giving and receiving.

The Pending Requests widget on the Newsfeed page shows a summary of all outstanding:

  1. Requests
    These notifications show requests from others on an NFT that you own, and include options to:
    1. Accept the request and give the NFT to the requestor
    2. List the NFT for sale - This notifies all requestors of the NFT that it is now available for sale
  2. Offers
    These notifications show the NFTs which you have offered to others by sending to their email address, cellphone or username, and display the option to remind the recipient of the offer (which resends the notification SMS or email).
  3. Trades
    1. Trades that you have offered
      These notifications show the NFT you have offered and the NFT you have requested in return, with the option to cancel your offer.
    2. Trades offers that you have received
      These notifications show the NFT that has been offered to you and the NFT you own which has been requested in return, with the option to accept the offer and complete the trade.

All notifications in the Pending Requests widget show a trash icon (nfthub-trash) which hides the request from your view (note that this does not cancel the action of the notification).