How can I view my NFT on the blockchain? [123]

Blockchain explorers provide verifiable insight into your NFTs.

Whenever an NFT is minted or transferred on NFT.Kred, a transaction occurs on the associated blockchain.

Public blockchains supported by NFT.Kred typically provide a public interface to view these transactions and verify the provenance and transaction history of each NFT.

NFT.Kred provides a simple link to an NFT's associated blockchain transaction on the NFT Profile.


This NFT was minted on Polygon, and its Profile includes a link to verify the associated blockchain transactions on Polygon's public blockchain explorer (called PolygonScan).

The NFT Profile features a link saying "View on Polygon":


Clicking the link takes you to the Polygon Explorer, where you can see associated transactions with this particular NFT or the contract on which it was created: