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How do I activate Webhooks on my Stripe account?

Webhooks setup enables communication between your NFT marketplace and your Stripe account


Webhooks setup is required to allow Stripe to notify the NFT marketplace that a purchase was made and to release the NFT to the purchaser


  1. Go to this link: https://dashboard.stripe.com/webhooks
  2. Click Add an Endpoint
  3. On the Listen to Stripe events page:
    1. Endpoint URL: paste this URL into the field:                                  https://api.kred/stripe?token=+924265202401:OAGiCsWDytQZ
    2. Description (Optional)
    3. SKIP the Listen to events on Connected accounts (THIS CHECKBOX NEEDS TO BE UNCHECKED)
    4. Select events to listen to: Click the Select events button and ADD ALL EVENT TYPES (once you get through the list of events click Add Events button)

Currently STRIPE does not let you Add the entire event list with one button click. You must drop down each event type individually and add them


Once all the events are added click on the Add endpoint button to complete the Webhooks setup