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How do I activate Stripe Connect on my Stripe account?

In order to receive royalties on NFT resales on your marketplace, you need to register your Stripe account as a Stripe Connect account.

  1. Go to https://dashboard.stripe.com/connect/tasklist
  2. Click on the Get Started Button
  3. Select Platform or marketplace option and click Continue -> button
  4. Click the Complete your platform profile highlighted text the click the Start button
  5. Select your Industry and then click Continue -> button
  6. Select From your platform's website or app and then click Continue -> button
  7. Select option for Both your platform's and the seller/service provider's name (this will appear on the customer's credit card statement) and then click Continue -> button
  8. Select option Your Platform if customers have a dispute or complaint and then click Continue -> button
  9. Select Yes for sellers offering similar types of products and then click Continue -> button
  10. Select Yes for your sellers consistently selling products worth more than $10,000 USD and then click Continue -> button
  11. Review your responses and click Submit
  12. Once you complete the Stripe Connect setup you will be redirected to the Platform Profile Results page and receive an email stating that your Connect setup is complete

Note: Now that the setup is complete, but you will still have to make additional adjustments to the Connect Settings

  1. Configure remaining Connect settings (Availability, Branding and Integration) via https://dashboard.stripe.com/settings/connect
    1. Availability settings: Leave these settings alone, they should look like the screenshot below
    2. Branding Settings: Add your Business Name, Icon, Brand Color and Accent Color (this is REQUIRED for your NFT Hub to function properly)
    3. Integration settings: Toggle setting - OAuth for Standard accounts

  2. Scroll up and click on the Save branding changes button
  3. Your Stripe Connect setup process is now complete

***If you didn't setup your Stripe Webhooks you must do so now before listing an NFT for sales