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How do I link my Stripe account to earn marketplace fees?

Link your Stripe account to receive fiat marketplace fee for all NFT transactions

  1. To link your Stripe account in your NFT Hub admin panel you must be logged in as an admin of the marketplace
  2. Navigate to the Whitelabel NFT Hubs submenu item in the drop down of the ≡ menu
  3. Select the Finance tab and scroll down to the Receiving Payments section

  4. Select the Country you associated with your Stripe account
  5. Enter the Stripe Publishable Key and Secret Key from your Stripe account
    1. You can find your Stripe Publishable Key on  https://dashboard.stripe.com/apikeys
    2. Use a key that is already there or click on + Create Secret Key
    3. Both the publishable key and secret key will generate for you which you need to plug into the NFT Hub (see example image below)

  6. Note: Your Stripe Publishable Key begins with pk_live and your Stripe Secret Key begins with sk_live
  7. In your NFT Hub admin panel scroll back up to the top of the page and click the UPDATE button