How to mint an NFT?

Learn how to mint an NFT

NFTs minted on your hub will be attached to your smart contract

Minting an NFT:

  1. Click on the Profile icon (top right)
  2. Select Mint New NFT
  3. Click on the New NFT box
  4. Select the type of NFT you want to mint and click the NEXT button
  5. Give your NFT a name
  6. Select a design type or upload your own custom design
  7. Drag your image, audio file or video file to the upload cloud
  8. Click the NEXT button
  9. Optional: Add a media asset to the back side of the NFT and click the NEXT button
  10. Provide all the details you want to display with the NFT (including description and a public link)
  11. Optional: Add an optional redemption method
  12. Configure Royalty percentage on that particular NFT (fiat royalties for secondary sales on the NFT Hub requires a Stripe account to be configured and crypto royalties required a linked wallet)
  13. Select the category where you want to display the NFT 
  14. Optional: Add additional tags (for search and filter purposes)
  15. Click the Next button
  16. Select the Wallet you want to mint these tokens into (by default the NFT Hub wallet is selected)
  17. Enter the Quantity of NFTs you want to mint and click the CREATE button
It will take some time to complete depending on the quantity of tokens you minted, the blockchain you are minting to and the current blockchain network usage