Where can I see that the NFT issuer has a verified identity? [25]

Identity Verification helps give peace of mind that the person who minted an NFT is exactly who they say they are.

All NFTs minted on NFT.Kred or a Whitelabel NFT Hub powered by NFT.Kred feature the details of the NFT Issuer on their profiles.

Kred employs a system of Social Verification to provide consumers peace of mind that the account which issued a particular NFT is in fact who they claim to be.

Social Verification allows an NFT Issuer (or collector) to link their social accounts to their NFT.Kred account. Authentication and linking of these accounts shows that the account holder on NFT.Kred is also the owner or representative of the account on the linked social platform.

To see if an NFT Issuer has been Verified:

  1. Look for a Verified checkmark after the user's display name on NFT.Kred
  2. Hover or click on the checkmark to confirm which social account has been linked and used to verify the account.