What are the different ways to sell my NFT?

NFT.Kred facilitates peer-to-peer sales of NFTs.

There are 4 ways to sell an NFT that you own on NFT.Kred.

These methods are configurable and can be turned on or off by the administrator of a Whitelabel NFT Hub - Only some or none of these options may be available, depending on the Hub.

  1. Sell your NFT for a fixed price
    This is a standard sale, where you can set a price at which your NFT is listed and others can pay to purchase it.
  2. List your NFT for Auction
    NFT.Kred supports 2 types of Auctions:
    1. English Auctions
      These are the most common style of auction, where the sale opens from the starting price and users can place bids over a set period of time. The user with the highest during that period will receive your NFT.
    2. Dutch Auction
      Dutch auctions run from a set high price (the Maximum Bid) down to a set low price (the Minimum Bid) over a set period of time. A user may buy your NFT at any price between the two during the Auction.
  3. Sell your NFT on OpenSea
    OpenSea is one of the largest public marketplaces for NFTs. Selecting this option will guide you through the process of listing your NFT for sale on OpenSea.
  4. Sell your NFT on another Marketplace
    NFTs from NFT.Kred can be resold on any 3rd-party Marketplace which supports sale of external NFTs on the blockchain on which the NFT resides (eg Ethereum or Polygon).

    *To sell your NFT on OpenSea or another Marketplace it must be held in a wallet linked to a transportable wallet client (for example, Metamask).
    This is a wallet service external to your NFT.Kred account which allows you to use your wallet on other websites, independently of NFT.Kred. You may use on any wallet client which allows you to authenticate using that wallet on the external marketplace - We recommend Metamask.