Why does NFT.Kred need my phone number? [4, JL]

NFT.Kred uses phone numbers and to deliver NFTs by SMS.

NFT.Kred uses phone numbers in 4 ways:

  1. Account creation and authentication
    Some Whitelabel NFT Hubs are configured to allow login and signup using a cellphone number instead of an email address.
  2. Verification of unique accounts
    While many people have multiple email addresses, most people only have 1 cellphone. NFT.Kred can use cellphone numbers to minimize generation of multiple accounts by an individual.
  3. Localization of accounts
    The country code associated with your cellphone number is used to suggest local currencies etc.
  4. Delivering NFTs by SMS
    NFT.Kred allows an NFT owner to give an NFT to someone using their cellphone number. 

Setting your Phone Number to Private

The Profile Settings panel includes a checkbox to set your Phone Number to Private.

This means that Hub users will not be able to see nor have access to the phone number connected to your account.

How to switch your phone number to "private" mode:

1. Log into your account

2. Click on your avatar in the right corner

3. Select "Profile Settings" in the drop-down

4. Next to your phone number check the box labeled "Private"


[4, JL]