What is a requested NFT? [102]

NFT.Kred allows people to show their interest and Request NFTs from others

Clicking the "Request" button on an NFT lets the owner of that token know that you are interested in owning it.

While requesting an NFT, you have the option to add a message to the owner.

  1. A notification email is sent to the NFT owner (including your message if you added one), inviting them to accept your request and give you the NFT
  2. A notification is displayed in the pending requests list on the Newsfeed, giving the NFT owner the ability to:
    1. Delete and ignore the request
    2. List the NFT for sale (which sends a notification email to those who have requested the NFT, letting them know it is now available for purchase)
    3. Approve the request and give the NFT to the requestor
  3. A summary of Requests is listed on the profile of the NFT, allowing the NFT owner to easily see all of the people who have requested this token.