How to create a Giveaway Link in an NFT?

Giveaway Links are unique links which allow anyone with access to claim the associated NFT(s).

They can be generated from the Profile of the NFT you wish to give (or the Batch Profile if your Giveaway should deliver multiple NFTs).

  1. Visit the Profile of the NFT (or Batch) you wish to give and click the "Give" button

    By default, the Give panel will help you give only the NFT you have selected.

    To give multiple different NFTs using the same link, use the arrows on the Give panel to toggle through your other NFTs and click "Select" to add the others you would like to send.

  2. Select "Giveaway Link" in the bottom left corner of the Give panel


  3. When creating a Giveaway Link, you may optionally set an expiry, after which the link is no longer active.
  4. In the case where you have multiple NFTs in a Batch, the Giveaway link will provide 1 NFT from the Batch to each unique user that uses the link.