What is a Kred Wallet? [19]

NFT.Kred makes getting started with NFTs easy through it's creation and management of wallets.

When a new account is created on NFT.Kred, a wallet is created and associated with the account's credentials.

By logging into your account on NFT.Kred, you are able to easily access and interact with that wallet.

By default, this wallet is named the "Kred Wallet" but can be renamed on Whitelabel NFT Hubs to associate with the Hub's branding or purpose.

To view the Public Address of your Kred Wallet:

  1. Click on the hamburger (≡) menu on the navbar and select Manage Wallets
  2. Below the label saying "Kred Wallet" you will see a string of numbers and letters - This is the public address of your wallet

The Private Key of your Kred Wallet can be revealed by clicking the key icon next to the "Private Key" label below the public address.

Your Private Key can be used to import your Kred Wallet into your favorite wallet app or client (eg Metamask).