What is a linked wallet?

Linked Wallets connect your existing external wallets with your account, making it easier to authenticate and organize your NFTs.

Linked Wallets can be seen and managed on the Manage Wallets panel (≡ > Manage Wallets).

They serve 2 purposes:

  1. Simplified transfer of your NFTs to your preferred wallet
    1. While viewing the profile of an NFT that you own, click the name of the wallet it is held in under the title "Held By"
    2. The Move NFT panel will display, asking you which wallet you would like to move the NFT into.
    3. The dropdown includes the names of your Linked Wallets, making it simple to transfer your NFTs without remembering each wallet's address.
  2. Faster authentication into your account
    1. If the NFT Hub you are using allows authentication using wallets, the Login and Signup panel will dynamically detect and display buttons to authenticate with your wallet.
    2. Click the button and authenticate with your preferred external wallet - If this wallet address is linked to your existing account, it will log you in.

External wallets can be linked to your account in 3 ways:

  1. During Signup
    Using an existing wallet to create your account will inherently link that wallet to your new account.

  2. By Selecting your Wallet app on the Manage Wallets panel
    Click on your favorite wallet app (eg Metamask) and follow the prompts to sign a transaction and grants NFT.Kred access. The wallet you connected will appear in your Linked Wallets.

  3. By entering your Public Address on the Manage Wallets panel
    Click to add a new wallet using its address. Add a Name to your wallet to help it stand out in dropdowns and menus.