What is IPFS?

InterPlanetary File System

InterPlanetary File System is a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data. IPFS users host and receive content similar to BitTorrent, but instead of a centrally located server; IPFS is a decentralized system.

IPFS has become a popular solution for hosting NFT media and metadata.

Benefits of IPFS:

  1. Media and metadata stored on IPFS may be more resilient to outages
    eg. If a single server (or node) on the network fails or ceases service, the data is normally accessible via another member of the network.
  2. Possibility of faster data delivery (dependent on proximity of nodes)

Risks of IPFS:

  1. Data may not be distributed among multiple nodes, creating the same risk as a centralized system. This may be mitigated by using "pinning" services that incentivize nodes to host your data.
  2. Possibility of increased latency (compared to a traditional CDN)

Using IPFS with your NFT.Kred Hub:

  1. IPFS as Primary Storage - IPFS is the main and public delivery mechanism, the NFT application itself will use the CDN for performance. Secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea will use the IPFS link.

  2. IPFS as Secondary Storage - IPFS is available and alternate links are provided in the ERC721 metadata.

  3. Off (default) - Files are not distributed via IPFS.


For more information go to: https://ipfs.io/#how