What external marketplaces do you support?

NFTs can be sold on-platform or on compatible marketplaces.

NFTs that you own on NFT.Kred (or a Whitelabel NFT Hub powered by NFT.Kred) can be sold or resold either:

  1. Directly on NFT.Kred (or the Whitelabel NFT Hub on which your NFTs reside)
    *Note that available sales methods are configurable and can be turned on or off by the administrator of a Whitelabel NFT Hub - Only some or no sale options may be available, depending on the Hub.
  2. On OpenSea or another 3rd-party Marketplace
    NFTs from NFT.Kred can be sold or resold on any 3rd-party Marketplace which supports sale of external NFTs on the blockchain on which the NFT resides (eg Ethereum or Polygon).
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