What payment methods are supported for the sale and resale of NFTs? [129, JL]

NFT.Kred makes it easy for general audiences to purchase NFTs with credit cards or their preferred cryptocurrency.

NFT.Kred facilitates peer-to-peer sales through integrated payment gateway partners.

  1. Fiat payments are supported via Stripe
    This enables a seller to list their NFT for sale in $USD, and collects credit card payments through Stripe's secure checkout. Sellers receive payments made through Stripe into a linked bank account.
  2. Cryptocurrency payments are supported via CoinPayments
    NFT.Kred uses CoinPayments to accept cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment method for sales listed $USD.

    After creating an account on CoinPayments, a seller can select which cryptocurrencies (eg BTC, ETH or DOGE) they would like to accept.

    If CoinPayments is active on a seller's account, purchasing an NFT from their listings displays an option to "Pay using Crypto", which displays CoinPayment's proprietary checkout featuring the accepted currencies.