Why am I waiting in a queue to access a NFT drop?

Waiting Room to access NFT drop

You are waiting because either the Marketplace is receiving a large amount of visitors at the same time and wants to grant access in a fair, first-come-first-served order.

  1. You won't lose your place in line unless you click the link to "Leave the line." You keep your place in line even if your phone goes to sleep or you close the queue page. When you go back to the queue page you will see updated progress. Keep an eye on your queue progress because when it's your turn you will have a limited window of time to enter the Marketplace.
  2. Once it's your turn you will automatically be redirected to the Marketplace you originally wanted to visit. If you do not have the queue page open when it's your turn you will see a popup when you return to the queue page notifying you when your turn started and confirming you want to proceed to the Marketplace.
  3. The queue can be paused for business or technical reasons. When the queue resumes you will keep the same place in line. When a queue is paused, no one will be redirected to the Marketplace, so everyone will be kept in the queue until it is resumed.