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NFTs for
Personal Branding

NFTs that build your online presence

  1. Business Card NFTs that share your most up to date contact details with peers

  2. NFTs that redeem for 1 hour of your time directly on your calendar

  3. "Ask Me Anything" NFTs that collect questions from your Fans and Followers for you to answer

NFTs for
Community Engagement

NFTs that connect Fans and Followers

  1. Membership Card NFTs for your Blog readers or Brand subscribers

  2. Flash Meetup NFTs that bring your Community together around specific topics

  3. Review NFTs that collect feedback, questions and suggestions from your Fans and Followers

NFTs for
Achievements and Rewards

NFTs that reward your Community

  1. Reward Discount NFTs that share an exclusive discount or offer

  2. Reward Download NFTs that deliver a download or piece of content

  3. Community Activity Reward NFTs that reward the most engaged members of your Community

Create an NFT in 60 seconds

3 simple steps. No code.

1. Mint NFTs using interactive templates

Choose from flexible, interactive NFT Templates or create your own.


Share physical prizes and gifts.


A token that redeems for a piece of content.


Link participants to a special deal.


Fun tokens to commemorate participation.

Digital Collections

Digital Photography Collection.


Distribute Coupons during events.

Digital Business Cards

Engage peers with Digital Business Cards.

Domain Tokens

Easily manage your .Kred Domains.

Book NFT

Distribute a Digital Copy of books.

Calendar Tokens

Share a Calendar Invite.

Recognition Tokens

Reward Achievements.

Group Tokens

Participants unlock combined offer.

Ice-breaker Tokens

Engage your audience.

Recognition Tokens

Reward Achievements.

2. Hold them in your Digital Wallet

Hold your NFTs in your Digital Wallet

NFT.Kred automatically creates a free Digital Wallet for you on signup.

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3. Give Share Trade - Individually or in Bundles

  • Email

    Share a private link to claim your NFT

  • SMS

    Share a private link to claim your NFT

  • QR Code

    Scan with a mobile device to claim

  • .Kred Domain

    Send to a wallet via any .Kred Domain

  • Twitter

    NFT reserved for specific handle

  • Facebook

    Public link for any Friends to claim

  • Eth Wallet

    Send directly to an Ethereum wallet

Create an NFT


  • Bundles

    Share Bundles of multiple NFTs with a single link or scannable QR code.

  • Theme and URL

    Launch your own marketplace on your own domain with your branding.

  • eCommerce

    Earn commissions from NFT listings you sell in your own marketplace.

  • Reporting

    Track NFT engagement on an advanced Reporting Dashboard.

NFT 101 Guide

Still not sure what an NFT is? Get the Guide.

See how it works for

Your Business Card - Tokenized.

NFT.Kred helps influencers like Chris create their own tokenized and tradable, digital business card in less than 60 seconds.

  • Always up to date with your contact information and social accounts
  • Showcase your Kred Influence Score and Activity
  • Instantly save as a contact on any mobile device

Chris BroganChris Brogan - Top 1% Kred Influencer

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Connect Members in Global and Local Networks

CryptoMondays is a global network of city-by-city based weekly meetups. They use a custom branded Theme on NFT.Kred to connect members through:

  • Local and global Membership Cards, where holders can connect and engage
  • Weekly collectibles that convene attendees on a topic
  • Redeemable Member-Only offers, from supporting brands and service providers

Lou KernerLou Kerner - CryptoMondays Founder

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Engage Event Attendees

The world's leading blockchain event, Consensus, shares bundles of tokenized offers from Sponsors that Attendees can trade and redeem, including:

  • Physical and digital redemptions from event Sponsors
  • NFTs redeemable for complimentary tickets to future events
  • NFTs that entitle the holder to engage a VIP Speaker in a 1-on-1 meeting

Peter BordesPeter Bordes - MD of Global Events at CoinDesk

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Reward your Customers

The Chamber of Digital Commerce celebrated their 5th Anniversary with fun, redeemable NFT giveaways, including:

  • Physical giveaways, to be shipped following submission of a simple form
  • NFTs redeemable for complimentary tickets to the DC Blockchain Summit
  • NFTs that entitle the holder to discounts on Summit sponsorships

Perianne BoringPerianne Boring - Founder & President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce

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Trade on OpenSea

OpenSea is the leading marketplace for Ethereum NFTs.

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