Share trackable and tradable discounts with your Community

Coupon NFTs carry unique offers to be shared with your Community 


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Non-Fungible Token (NFT) n.
A unique digital token that securely stores information on a blockchain.

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How it works


Create a Coupon NFT

Choose from simple, interactive templates.

Add your branding and details of your offer.


Share with your Audience

Share NFTs by email or even SMS.

Tokens are optimized for sharing on social.


Reconcile with ease

Coupon NFTs are trackable and traceable.

Reconciling redemptions is easy.

Why create Coupon NFTs?

Redeemable with 1 click   
Coupon NFTs can be redeemed by simply clicking a button.
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Easy to Distribute 
Distribute by SMS, to a list by email, or social networks and reach a higher audience.
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Easy to Reconcile 
Analyzing coupon usage is simple, with no paperwork.
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Create 100 Coupon NFTs for Free

Create more as you go or with simple Monthly Plans



Pay as you go

$10 /MTH


Coupons / MTH

$100 /MTH


Coupons / MTH

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