.Kred Domains link to your Website and Wallet

Every .Kred Domain is managed by a tradable, transferrable NFT powered by Kred and ENS.


Available March 20 2020

Official Auction Partner OpenSea OpenSea

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) n.
A unique digital token that securely stores information on a blockchain.

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Forget complicated, long Wallet addresses

Introducing the powerful new name for your Digital Wallet

Receive BTC and ETH

Receive BTC and ETH

Link your Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet addresses to receive funds sent to your .Kred domain.

Trade NFTs

Trade NFTs

Your Domain gives you access to NFT.Kred where you can tokenize and send your own digital assets.

Never lose a Transaction

Never lose a Transaction

Send via NFT.Kred or a supported wallet to receive a confirmation of exactly who you're sending to.

How it works

Register a Domain Token

Register a new .Kred Domain or purchase an existing Token via OpenSea.

Control your Domain

Link your .Kred Domain to a social profile, like [fa icon="twitter"] Twitter and your BTC and ETH Digital Wallets.

Trade with ease

Sell or auction your Domain Tokens in one click via OpenSea or the NFT.Kred Marketplace.


Make your Wallet Social

Share selected activity

  • Private transactions can only be seen by you, in your private Newsfeed

  • Public transactions can be set to be seen by your Connections only, or anyone, in your public Timeline on your profile

  • Easily set your [fa icon="twitter"] tweets and favorite hashtags as Timeline feeds
Make your Wallet Social
Tokenized Kred Domains
Use Case

Tokenized .Kred Domains

.Kred has partnered with the Ethereum Name Service and OpenSea to distribute tokenized Domain Names in the wild

Why create a .Kred Domain Token?

Simplified DNS and Management  
Your Token lets you easily link its domain to your website and create a powerful, recognizable address for your Digital Wallet
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One-Click Transfer of Ownership
Sell or auction your Domain Token in an NFT Marketplace in one click
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Verifiable Domain History
Carries Domain provenance, ranking and stats
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Available March 20, 2020 from $29

Official Auction Partner OpenSea OpenSea

Create more as you go or with simple Monthly Plans



Pay as you go

$10 /MTH



$100 /MTH



NFT.Kred is the producer of the leading Non-Fungible Token event, NFT.NYC [fa icon="external-link"]

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