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The link in bio for NFTs

Showcase NFTs

Showcase your NFTs

Present your favorite NFTs in a simple carousel or link to your collection on NFT.Kred or any public marketplace.


NFT Gallery

Feature selected NFTs in a carousel.

Feature a Sale or Auction

On OpenSea or another public marketplace.

Giveaway Link

Click to claim or request an NFT.

Blockchain Explorer

Link directly to on-chain data.

Share Links

Share your Links

Share your interests and expertise and help Fans get in touch by linking your website, profiles, videos, podcasts and more.



Your portfolio, brand or blog.

Social Profiles

From Twitter to TikTok.

P2P Payments

Like PayPal, Venmo and KoFi.


Embed channels and videos on the page.

Music and Podcasts

Embed to engage listeners on your profile.

.Kred Domain

.Kred DNS ENS Domain

Your NFT Profile includes a custom .Kred DNS ENS domain name - It's the perfect link for your social bios.


.Kred domains use both DNS and ENS to link simultaneously to your profile and your wallet.

  • DNS (Domain Name System)
    Just like a .COM, .Kred domains use DNS to link to your NFT Profile in a regular web browser.

  • ENS (Ethereum Name Service)
    Activate your .Kred domain on ENS to link it to your favorite Digital Wallet and receive payments sent to your domain.

NFT 101 Guide

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  Blockchain: Fast and Affordable

Kred uses Polygon as its default blockchain, helping creators, communities and brands create scalable NFT experiences.


Polygon is an Ethereum compatible Layer 2 solution which supports Ethereum NFT standards.

How this improves our user experience:

  • Fast - Transactions are usually completed in a few seconds
  • Cheap - No transaction fees or "Gas" passed onto your Community
  • Compatible - Maintained compatibility with major marketplaces like OpenSea
  • Beautiful - Ability to keep the blockchain behind the scenes for a mainstream user experience
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