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Create and Distribute Actionable Event Swag
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All about Attendee Engagement

Create and continue engagement before, during and after your Event

Branded Recognition

Branded Recognition

Create branded badges that attendees can receive or earn before, during or after the event.

Shareable Badges can be added to your attendees' profiles on Linkedin

Exclusive Attendee Offers

Exclusive Attendee Offers

Forget magnets and pens. NFTs with compelling CTAs distribute sponsor offers as shareable tokens that they can hold, redeem or trade.

Tradable Attendees can trade the Swag they don't want in your Marketplace

Access to Speakers

Access to Speakers

Redeemable cards for your top Speakers recreate the "Golden Ticket" experience where lucky attendees get the chance to meet their heroes.

Automated  Card holders click to make a booking on the Speaker's calender

Longtail Engagement

Longtail Engagement

Each NFT carries comments, likes and connections beyond the duration of your event. Create Community cards to connect your Attendees or Speakers.

Social Those who hold the same NFT can connect with eachother

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See what others are doing with their Kred Coins

For CryptoKitty Owners

"I use Kitty Coins to share my CryptoKitties and tell the holder when the original Kitty is for sale."

Lynn O'ConnellLynn O'Connell
For Street Artists

"NFTs are facilitating our evolution into digital collectibles. We are all for the artist, so the Royalty feature rocks."

Jeff CaldwellJeff Caldwell
For Empire.Kred Players

"We've had in game achievements for a long time. With NFTs those rewards can be spread outside of the game."

Skip BieberSkip Bieber
For Artists

"Artists want ways to hear feedback from our audience. I love the idea that I can receive a royalty on future sales."

Chas MartinChas Martin
For Designers

"NFTs are a new medium for designers. They can take our designs into new, digital worlds."

Ray KingRay King
For Open Networkers

"By adding a call to action to preorder my book, my Coins drive real engagement from my Connections."

Neal SchafferNeal Schaffer

Exploring the Non-Fungible Token Ecosystem

Feb 20 2019 - Times Square

Over 450 NFT industry leaders, influencers, developers and fans came together in NYC for a day of thoughtleader talks, demos, workshops and industry briefings from the leading names in NFTs.


CoindeskYahoo FinanceThe Creative Crypto BlockchainGamer.Biz 0xcert Coin Telegraph


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CryptoMondays NYC: The NFT Ecosystem

April 15 2019 - SAP Leonardo Center

CryptoMondays bring together NYCs most passionate blockchain community in intimate settings around the city. On April 15, Kred CEO Jodee Rich will present alongside CryptoOracle's Lou Kerner.


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The Best of NFT.NYC at New York Blockchain Week

May 10-19 2019

Did you miss out on NFT.NYC on February 20? Join us during NYC Blockchain Week as we bring you the most celebrated content from the first major Non-Fungible Token event in North America.

  • Ethereal Summit - May 10-11
  • Tokenized Digital Assets Summit - May 12
  • Consensus - May 13-15
  • Token Summit - May 16
  • NFT Dev Meetup - May 16
  • ETHNewYork - May 17-19

CryptoMondays SF: Inexpungeable Non-Fungibles! Where Is The Next CryptoKitties?

May 20 2019 - Orrick

Panel discussion on "Open standards, consumer products and vision of NFTs" with:

  • Jodee Rich, NFT.NYC and PeopleBrowsr
  • Duncan Cock Foster, Nifty Gateway
  • Tara Townsend, Rare Bits
  • Andrew Beal, Ernst & Young


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NFT.NYC 2020

Feb 2020

Following the success of 2019's event, NFT.NYC will return in February 2020. Industry leaders will analyze growth in the space and introduce new NFT innovations.