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How do I setup a US based Stripe account?


***To sell your NFTs globally or in exchange for $USD you MUST have a US based Stripe account***


When you go through the Stripe creation process at https://dashboard.stripe.com/register you'll select the country or region where your business is incorporated. If you’re an individual, select where you’re doing business from. Again you must select United States as your country if you plan to sell internationally or for $USD.

Stripe needs to verify that you’re incorporated in the US, and that you have a valid physical US address. Stripe requires a valid physical US address. They do not accept a P.O. Box as a valid address. Stripe will verify the following:
    1. Legal entity name
    2. Legal entity type (Sole Proprietor, LLC etc)
    3. EIN
    4. Business address

If you are incorporated at a physical US address, you can update your business address. To do this, head to your ‘settings -> business settings’ in your Stripe dashboard. Alternatively, you can reply to the email with an additional document to verify the business address you provided on your account.