Embedding Widgets into an App or Website

Widgets from an NFT Experience created with NFT.Kred can be embedded in your external app or website.

This allows your customers, fans, and users to interact with your NFT Marketplace and individual NFTs without leaving your native app or website. 

You do not need to change domains or adjust your DNS - just embed a simple code snippet.

Widget styles and designs can be different than your main NFT Marketplace settings, allowing you to create unique feeling experiences in different sites and apps.

You can see and interact with Widget demos on NFT.Kred/Widgets.

To start embedding Widgets into an app or website:

  1. While logged in to an account with admin access to an NFT Marketplace, click the Profile menu icon on the top-right corner of the page.
  2. Select Widgets.
  3. You will now be able to select between customizing a Marketplace or NFT Viewer Widget. For information on customizing these Widgets please read the following articles:
    1. Customize a Marketplace Widget
    2. Customize a NFT Viewer Widget
  4. Once you have customized the Widget, press the Copy Widget Code button on the bottom-left corner of the Widgets page.
  5. The code required to embed the Widget in your app or website is now copied to your clipboard. Paste this into your code in the spot where you’d like the Widget to appear and publish your updated page!