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How do I setup my NFT marketplace to receive fiat payments?

In order to receive fiat payments you must have a Stripe account and the account must be linked

You can receive fiat payments THREE different ways (1. Marketplace Fee / 2. Royalty Fee / 3. Sale of the NFT). The steps below will take you through each of these three ways to receive payouts in fiat.


Note: Each of the 3 payment methods will require you to link your Stripe Account so it may feel like you are doing the same setup multiple times but that is not the case.

Step 1: Marketplace Fee - Payout to the NFT Hub Owner

  1. Create a Stripe Account by going to https://dashboard.stripe.com/register (follow Stripe's KB Article if necessary)
  2. Link your Stripe Account to the NFT Hub admin panel by following this NFT.Kred guide

Step 2: Royalty Fee - Payout to the account that mints the NFT

  1. Log into your Stripe Account to make the below changes to your account
  2. Upgrade to Stripe Connect by following this NFT.Kred guide
  3. Configure Stripe Webhooks by following this NFT.Kred guide 
  4. Log back into your NFT marketplace
  5. Mint a new NFT by going through the creation process using this NFT.Kred guide until you reach the Royalty submenu option
  6. To activate royalties for the first time follow this NFT.Kred guide

Step 3: NFT Sale - Payout to the account that lists NFT for sale

  1. To properly list an NFT for sale you must have completed the Stripe Connect and Stripe Webhooks setups above otherwise you be prompted to enter your personal and business details upon listing your NFT for sale
  2. To list your NFT for sale following this NFT.Kred guide
  3. You can now list NFTs for sale via Credit Card, Google Pay and Apple Pay

***To sell your NFTs globally or in exchange for $USD you MUST have a US based Stripe account*** Follow this guide