NFT Experiences for Brands

 100% Whitelabel Credit Card Payments 0% Transaction Fees

Consumer-Friendly NFT Experiences

Blockchain doesn't need to be slow, expensive or scary

No Wallet? No worries

With Kred's simple onboarding, Fans connect on any browser and any device via email, phone, google Google or their favorite wallet app.

Simple Payments

Let Fans pay the way they're used to, with support for credit cards, Apply Pay, Google Pay and PayPal, or cryptocurrencies via CoinPayments.

Forget about Gas

Choose a blockchain that supports simple, mainstream user experiences without network transaction fees or "Gas".

Did you hear that? 0% Transaction Fees.

You choose who takes a cut on Sales

Marketplace Fees

Earn a percentage of all credit card payments conducted on your NFT Hub.

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Creator Royalties

Creator's earn royalties in their bank accounts when their NFTs are bought with a credit card.

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OpenSea Royalties

Connect your NFT Contract and earn up to 10% royalties for all future sales on OpenSea.

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3 reasons to Whitelabel

Brand Authenticity

Brand Authenticity

Maintain the relationship with your community, in an NFT experience consistent with what they expect from your Brand.

NFT Drops

Promote your Drops

Group NFTs into meaningful Categories, with beautiful discovery pages that build anticipation.

NFT Marketplace

Curate your Marketplace

Engage Fans in your own Whitelabel Marketplace - Away from the distraction of other projects.

Talk to Sales

Influencers & Celebrities

Offer Fans drops in your own NFT experience

Show Me

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Showcase your NFTs

Digital art, gaming and collectibles

[fa icon="gift"]

Engage Fans

Distribute NFTs in limited quantities or at scale

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Monetize Content

Sell in your own Marketplace or on OpenSea

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Events & Communities

Share offers & giveaways with your Community

Show Me

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Distribute giveaways and discounts before, during and after

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Share Sponsor offers with measurable ROI

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Collectibles & Souvenirs

Share digital keepsakes with your Community

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Develop your own Business use case with NFTs

Show Me

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NFT Templates

Rapidly developed for your specific use case

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NFT Minting

At scale without additional transaction fees

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User-Friendly Distribution

Account and wallet management for mainstream audiences

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Simple "No Code" Setup

Activate your NFT Hub without developers, or have our Concierge Team set it up for you

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NFT 101 Guide

Still not sure what an NFT is? Get the Guide.

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Activate your NFT Hub

Choose a Package

  Blockchain: Fast and Affordable

Kred uses Polygon as its default blockchain, helping creators, communities and brands create scalable NFT experiences.


Polygon is an Ethereum compatible Layer 2 solution which supports Ethereum NFT standards.

How this improves our user experience:

  • Fast - Transactions are usually completed in a few seconds
  • Cheap - No transaction fees or "Gas" passed onto your Community
  • Compatible - Maintained compatibility with major marketplaces like OpenSea
  • Beautiful - Ability to keep the blockchain behind the scenes for a mainstream user experience

Learn more about NFT Hub Configuration


Design Settings

You decide how your NFT Hub looks, with your logo, your branding, your colors and more.


[fa icon="font"]

Title and Description

How your NFT Hub displays in search.

[fa icon="globe"]

Domain Name

Use a free .Kred domain or BYO.

[fa icon="photo"]

Logo and Favicon

Replaces all Kred logos in your NFT Hub.

[fa icon="paint-brush"]


For buttons and highlights.


NFT Settings

Choose the types of NFTs that can be created and display in your NFT Hub.


[fa icon="list"]

NFT Templates

Choose the type of NFTs that can be minted in your NFT Hub.

[fa icon="tag"]

NFT Tagging

Tags all newly minted NFTs and filters your NFT Hub.

[fa icon="download"]

NFT Import

Display a selected Collection from OpenSea in your NFT Hub.


Finance Settings

Attach your information to receive payments, set transaction fees and choose which currencies are accepted.


[fa icon="eye-slash"]

Your Wallet Address

To receive crypto payments.

[fa icon="credit-card"]

Stripe or PayPal

To receive fiat payments.

[fa icon="percent"]

Marketplace Fee

Set the transaction fee you earn from sales.

[fa icon="usd"]


Choose which currencies are accepted.

Blockchain Settings

Full support for Ethereum and Polygon. Just getting started? Experiment with a test network.

















Test Networks

Experiment with minting on before committing to a live blockchain.

Storage Settings

Configurable off-chain storage keeps your NFT media and data secure.


Out of the box Storage

Kred's cloud storage is mirrored to IPFS and S3.

[fa icon="globe"]

Your IPFS Node

Store media on your own IPFS node.

[fa icon="upload"]

Your S3 Storage

Store media in your own S3 bucket.

Data Settings

Your user data belongs to you. Access and export your data at any time.


[fa icon="file"]

CSV Export

Download a list of your active users.

[fa icon="code"]


Access your data via NFT.Kred APIs.

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