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Since 2019, NFT.NYC has used NFT.Kred to engage Artists, Speakers, Attendees, and Sponsors with NFT 3.0 Experiences


NFT Postcards

Members of the NFT.NYC 2024 Community Artist Showcase had their artworks featured on New Year NFT Postcards that could be sent to others with a message on the back.

There was an overwhelming response from Artists wanting to create additional NFT Postcards.

Artists were then given an opportunity to mint NFT Postcards with other pieces of art from their portfolios and give them away to fans, friends, and family.

  Browse NFT.NYC 2024 NFT Postcards - Send one to a friend 


NFT Speaker Flyers

Since the NFT.NYC 2024 Artists were thrilled with their NFT Postcards, we created a similar experience for Speakers.

NFT.NYC 2024 Speakers minted collectible NFTs commemorating their talks with key takeaways on the back and sent them to friends.

Eventbrite Digital Twin Tickets

NFT Digital Twin Tickets

Every NFT.NYC Attendee receives a scannable and verifiable Digital Twin NFT Ticket when they register on Eventbrite.

Digital Twin NFT Tickets feature artworks submitted by the NFT.NYC Artist community, revealed to the Attendee before the event or upon registration.

Attendees keep their NFT Tickets as digital mementos or resell and trade it after the event.


eventbrite-3  NFT Digital Twin Tickets are issued when Attendees register via Eventbrite - Learn more

NFT Speaker Certificates for Linkedin

NFT Speaker Certificates for Linkedin

Every approved NFT.NYC Speaker receives a personalized NFT Speaker Certificate minted by NFT.NYC.

NFT Speaker Certificates share recognition of the Speaker's contribution to the event

A token-gated Benefit on the NFT allows Speakers to add their Certificates to their Linkedin profile as a verifiable credential in 1 click.


 Learn more to see how you could use NFT Speaker Certificates for your event

Proof of Attendance for Speaker Sessions

NFT Proof of Attendance for Speaker Sessions

Proof of Attendance NFTs allow NFT.NYC Speakers to reward those who attend their session with a unique NFT.

NFTs can be distributed exclusively to those in attendance via a QR code displayed on-screen, and may offer the Attendee additional token-gated Benefits, such as:

  • Access to download the Speaker's presentation
  • An invitation to book a 1-on-1 meeting with the Speaker
  • Redemption for exclusive merch or product giveaways
  • A Certificate of Participation for the Attendee to feature on their Linkedin profile


  Learn more to see how Speakers at your event can use Proof of Attendance NFTs 

NFT Contact Cards

NFT Contact Cards

Feedback from the NFT.NYC Community shows that networking is one of the primary reasons they attend NFT.NYC events.

NFT Contact Cards provide NFT.NYC Speakers, Sponsors and Attendees a simple, engaging and measurable way to distribute their contact information (and additional token-gated Benefits), allowing recipients to add the creator's contact information to their device in 1 click.

NFT Contact Cards are created by Speakers, Sponsors and Attendees prior to the event, and can be distributed:

  • Online, via their email signature, by sharing their unique link to claim or on their NFT.NYC Community Profile
  • In-person, using a QR code, memorable short-link or scannable NFC tag


  See how NFT Contact Cards can make a memorable impression at your event

Collectible NFT Speaker Cards

NFT Proof of Attendance for Satellite Events

Proof of Attendance NFTs for NFT.NYC Satellite Events allow event organizers to reward those who attend their events with a unique NFT.

NFTs can be distributed exclusively to those in attendance, via a QR code or scannable NFC tag, and may offer the Attendee additional token-gated Benefits, such as:

  • Onsite Benefits, like a free drink
  • Redemption for exclusive merch or product giveaways
  • Discounts or downloads from the Satellite Event organizer


  Proof of Attendance NFTs are a great way to deliver value and create Community - Learn more

Collectible NFT Speaker Cards

Collectible NFT Speaker Cards

Just like collectible baseball cards, NFT Speaker Cards allow NFT.NYC Attendees to collect their favorite Speakers.

NFT Speaker Cards are minted in limited quantities and listed for free on the NFT.NYC Hub, creating a race between Attendees to complete their personal collections.


  NFT Speaker Cards have been used at 7 NFT.NYC events - View 2023 Speaker Cards

NFT Awards and Recognition

NFT Awards and Recognition

Since 2021, NFT.NYC has minted and issued NFT Awards to the top artists, brands and projects as selected and voted by the NFT.NYC community. See the 2022 NFT Awards winners here.

NFT Awards are verifiable, showing the viewer that they were issued by NFT.NYC.

Recipients are able to add their NFT Awards as a verifiable credential on their Linkedin profiles.


  Create NFT Awards for your Event - Learn more 

Turning Attendees into Community

NFT.NYC Speakers, Sponsors and Attendees are brought together for networking and discovery before, during and after the event in the Community section of the NFT.NYC Hub.

Learn More View the NFT.NYC Community

Community page

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