NFT 3.0 Features

Fuel your NFT Fandom


Easy Signup

Sign up with an email address or Google account.

No wallet, crypto, or NFT knowledge required.

NFT-savvy Fans can connect with MetaMask or their favorite wallet app via WalletConnect.

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Onboarding methods

30+ NFT 3.0 templates

Create and share NFTs with different styles and token-gated functionalities.

Create NFTs for Proof of Attendance, Proof of Engagement, verifiable Awards and Certificates, and more.

See NFT Templates for:

NFT Templates

Benefits: Add functionality to NFTs

Bring your NFTs to life with special offers and entitlements that engage your Collectors.

Deliver token-gated utility to collectors with different Benefit types:


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Share Anywhere

Meet customers where they are by sharing NFTs online or in-person, by social, email, SMS or scannable QR codes.

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Packs and Sets

Gamify NFT engagement with Packs and Sets:

  • Delight fans with surprise NFTs in a Pack

  • Incentivize NFT collecting by rewarding those who collect all NFTs in a Set.

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Packs and Sets

Sales and Royalties

Allow customers to buy or trade NFTs using a credit card or their favorite cryptocurrency.

Collect royalties on secondary sales.

Direct payouts to your bank account or crypto wallet.

Sales and royalties

Fully Branded NFT 3.0 Hub

Give Collectors an on-brand experience with a dedicated NFT 3.0 Hub that matches your style and domain.

Launch in minutes with no coding. Your logo and theme will also be used for branded user login and wallet.

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Whitelabel NFT Hubs for Brands

Import and engage existing NFT Collections

Import your existing NFT Collections to unify your brand experience on one NFT Hub where fans can see them all.

Encourage Collectors of other popular NFT Collections to engage with your Brand by offering them special access or privileges on your site.

Import NFT Collections
Marketing Automation

Track Engagement in the HubSpot CRM

See all Collector and NFT activity in your HubSpot account. Use events on the Contact Timeline to build campaigns and fuel engagement.

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Track engagement

NFT 3.0 Collector Directory

Invite your Community to discover and connect with one another in your Collector Directory.

Collectors can feature their NFTs, important links, social accounts and more.

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NFT.Kred Collector Directory

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