April 28, 2023

Enhancing Journalism with NFTs

How Reporters, Journalists, and Publishers can use NFTs to Increase Reach and Impact

As the media landscape continues to evolve, journalists, reporters, and publishers seek innovative ways to engage their audience and amplify the impact, reach, and engagement of their content. Enter Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), a technology that continues to impact various industries, most notably art, collectibles, and gaming.

NFT technology allows journalists to create novel content delivery experiences – that engage both new and existing audiences.

NFT.Kred, a whitelabel platform that helps organizations engage their audiences with branded NFT experiences, is introducing a range of NFT experiences tailored toward journalists.

4 ways NFTs help journalists increase their reach and deliver more value to readers

1. Tokenized Articles with Updatable Benefits for Readers and Subscribers

Tokenized, or NFT Articles are pieces of content that have been indexed on a blockchain, allowing for public verification and fact-checking of details including information on the author, publication date and article edits.

Articles can be tokenized on NFT.Kred where they can be read and shared. Publishers and writers can leverage this technology by attaching additional Benefits to Tokenized Articles, providing readers and subscribers with exclusive perks.

Tokenized Article NFT Page with Benefits

John Kosner is a sports media veteran, with a career among major sporting organizations including ESPN. On his Tokenized Article Is Gonzaga an NFT?, Kosner invites readers to take action after reading to further engage with the content and author:

1. Meet the Author: Reach out to the author on Twitter with a comment or question about the article
2. Access Resources: View the author’s other work and Kosner Media's essential resources at Kosner Media

Tokenized Article Newsletter Signup Benefit

Reporters, journalists, and publishers are able to add multiple Benefit types to their Tokenized Articles.

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2. Verifiable NFT Awards and Certificates of Recognition for Journalists

Verifiable NFT Awards serve as a testament to the accomplishments of journalists and reporters. NFT Awards or Certificates of Recognition can be verified through smart contracts, ensuring transparency and authenticity. By tracking the records of issuance and transfer, it becomes clear whether the award has been directly delivered by the issuing authority, instilling confidence and value in the recognition.

In 2022 NFT.NYC held the second annual NFT Awards. Winners received NFT Awards minted on the Polygon blockchain and a physical trophy featuring the award animation on a looping LED display, powered by Infinite Objects.

NFT newsgroup nft now received the award for Best Written Coverage of NFTs.


Publishers and sponsors of Journalism Awards can use NFT.Kred to issue verifiable NFT Awards and Certificates of Recognition for a reporter or journalist’s contributions to their field.

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3. Tokenized Subscriptions that Unlock Unique Perks and Exclusive Content

NFT or Tokenized Subscriptions introduce an entirely new level of exclusivity and transparency. NFT subscriptions grant holders access to subscriber-only content or features on a news website or other journalistic platform.

NFT Subscriptions provide journalists an opportunity to monetize their work while rewarding their most dedicated readers. Furthermore, NFT Subscriptions can be transferred or sold, allowing readers to have complete control over their subscriptions while publishers collect an optional royalty on each secondary sale.

Subscription NFT

By embracing NFT subscriptions, journalists and publishers can enhance user engagement, foster loyalty among their audience, and explore new revenue streams. This innovative approach combines the familiarity of traditional subscriptions with the added benefits of blockchain technology, creating an exciting and immersive experience for subscribers in the realm of journalism.

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4. Proof of Engagement NFTs for Readers, Listeners, and Viewers

Proof of Engagement NFTs present an exciting way for journalists and publishers to reward and incentivize audience engagement. By issuing NFTs to individuals who read articles, watch videos, listen to audio, or experience other forms of content, journalists and publishers can reward audience's interaction and loyalty. 

Proof of Engagement NFTs foster a deeper connection with an audience. For instance, readers who collect a certain number of Proof of Engagement NFTs could be eligible for exclusive rewards, such as extended subscriptions or special access to events.

Proof of Readership NFT

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As the media landscape evolves, embracing emerging technologies such as NFTs opens up new opportunities for journalists, reporters, and publishers to engage with their audience and extend the reach of their content. From Tokenized NFT Articles to Verifiable Awards, NFT Subscriptions, and Proof of Engagement, NFT.Kred introduces a range of NFT experiences that can impact the success of journalists and publications. NFTs can help journalists enhance their storytelling capabilities, foster audience loyalty, and create new revenue streams.



NFT.Kred is an enterprise-grade NFT platform launched in 2018.

Via its no-code whitelabel solution for brands and e-commerce platforms, and deep set of enterprise APIs, NFT.Kred has minted and distributed more than 30 million NFTs for its brand clients, primarily to mainstream audiences with little or no NFT or blockchain experience.

Meet with the NFT.Kred team to understand how your organization can leverage NFTs here.

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