Lynn O'Connell By Lynn O'Connell • August 13, 2018

Turn Your Favorite CryptoKitties into Collectible Coins

 With Kitty.Kred, create shareable coins to showcase your collection. Give without gas fees.Create shareable coins to showcase your Kitties. Give without gas fees.

We recently attended the first global conference on NFTs, NIFTY in Hong Kong, and gave attendees a sneak preview of Kitty.Kred, the app that turns your kitties into Coins.

image2The app instantly imports your kitties from MetaMask and allows you to make one Coin or a whole set in just seconds. Share your kitties with 5, 50, or even 500 fellow players and friends new to the blockchain without giving up your one-of-a-kind kitty.

Coins are saved to the Stellar blockchain by default, letting you give, collect, share, and sell Coins without spending gas fees. Want to sell on Rare Bits or hold Coins in your own wallet? Transfer to Ethereum (and pay gas) only when you need to.

Testers from Discord and across the Kittyverse helped shape Kitty.Kred to purrfectly serve players. Each Coin carries the unique Kitty ID number and a link to the cat, meaning you can only mint official Coins for CryptoKitties you own.

Test drive now at www.Kitty.Kred and watch for the Android app. Coinify your kitties now and you could be featured as our Coin-of-the-Day. Plus, watch for coins created by the Hong Kong CryptoKitty community on our blog and Twitter @KittyKred.

Win a Fancy Kitty

The team at Kitty.Kred has been on the hunt for some of the rarest and fanciest CryptoKitties in the Kittyverse. Now we are putting those puddy tats up for grabs in our adoption giveaway.

How to win a rare CryptoKitty:

Already have a Kitty of your own? You'll get one entry for every Kitty.Kred Coin you make! (You receive 10 CKr on signup so you can make your first 10 Coins free.)
Simply make your Kitty Coins, name them something wacky and tweet it with the hashtag #KittyKred to enter.

Don’t have a CryptoKitty yet? Don’t choke on a furball - you could still win!
Share this blogpost with #KittyKred and tell us why you should bring one of our babies home.

Grand Prize: Your choice of Fancy Kitty from - Purrity, Purrsperro, Boot or Kitty Pride
2nd Prize: A Gen 0 Kitty - Adopt a Fast Breeder and start siring a litter of your own
3rd Prize: A Virgin Gen 1 Kitty - Meowwww 

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