June 21, 2023

Using NFT Contact Cards to Make a Memorable Impression

Distribute always-up-to-date contact information in an engaging way.

In this article you will learn how to create and distribute NFT Contact Cards.

In recent years, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have gained significant attention and popularity across various industries. From digital art and collectibles to virtual real estate and exclusive fan experiences. NFTs have revolutionized the way we perceive and exchange digital assets. The applications of NFTs extend far beyond these realms, and many use cases for NFTs are just now coming to light.

One fascinating use case for NFTs is the creation and distribution of NFT Contact Cards.

NFT Contact Cards are a new kind of digital business card, and transform the networking experience by providing an engaging and convenient way to share always-up-to-date contact information. They provide the creator an opportunity to include additional information, content, or resources in front of their new connection – creating an interactive and memorable experience that is sure to be a conversation starter.

What are the benefits of NFT Contact Cards?

  1. NFT Contact Cards allow your connections to save your contact information to their devices with 1-click.

    Your new acquaintances do not need to sign up for a new service to save your contact details.

  2. They provide a more convenient and memorable networking experience.

    NFT Contact Cards offer a seamless networking solution, eliminating the need for physical business cards and manually entering contact information.

    Enhanced by the ability to provide experiences other than just saving contact details, the exchange of an NFT Contact Card is a memorable networking experience that will keep the conversation going.

  3. Always-up-to-date - Your contact information can be updated if it ever changes.

    New Twitter account or phone number? No problem. Your NFT Contact Card can be updated on NFT.Kred at any time with your new details.

    No need to worry about new connections receiving outdated information.

  4. Additional Experiences can be added to your NFT Contact Card and delivered to each connection.
    1. Provide links to your important websites, content, or recent work.
    2. Give access to your marketing materials and bring people into your sales funnels.
    3. Unlock an offer for a free or discounted product.
    4. Embed interactive content such as games or interactive web pages.

  5. Distribute NFT Contact Cards in person and remotely

    Share in person with a QR Code on your phone or in a presentation, or an NFC sticker attached to your phone.

    Share remotely in your email signature or in chats, text messages, videos, and more.


How to Create an NFT Contact Card on NFT.Kred

NFT.Kred’s NFT Contact Card creation experience guides you through creating your digital business card in a simple, step-by-step flow.

    1. Enter your Contact Details
      Enter the contact information that you’d like to be publicly accessible and NFT.Kred will automatically generate your NFT Contact Card.

    2. Edit your NFT
      Optionally update the name, description, or design for your NFT Contact Card

    3. Mint your NFT Contact Card
      Decide how many NFT Contact Cards you would like to mint. NFT.Kred supports multiple blockchains including Polygon, Flow, Solana, and Immutable.


3 ways to share your NFT Contact Card

1 - Distribute your NFT Contact Card at a networking event

Networking with an NFT Contact Card is easy and seamless. There are several ways you can distribute your NFT at a networking event; one of the easiest is to use a QR Code.
NFT.Kred allows you to generate a unique QR code that links to your NFT Contact Card.

Use the QR code as the background on your phone’s lock screen, or simply save it in your Photos. A new contact can scan your QR code with their camera to access your NFT Contact Card and save your contact details in 1-click.

If you’re familiar with NFC (near field communication) cards or stickers you can save a link to your NFT Contact Card to your NFT device of choice. Contacts can scan your NFC card or sticker to instantly access your NFT Contact Card and save your contact information.

2 - Share your NFT Contact Card in a presentation

The same QR code that can be used to share your NFT Contact Card from your phone screen can be used in a slideshow or video presentation.

Including your NFT Contact Card’s QR code at the end of a presentation is a great way to get your contact details and important information into the hands of many new acquaintances at once.

This is an efficient way to quickly collect leads from a conference - those who view and collect your NFT Contact Card are likely to reach out to learn more and continue the conversation.


3 - Use your NFT Contact Card in your email signature

Including a link or QR code to your NFT Contact Card is a great way to passively create engagement with your contacts and leads. While these contacts will already have your email address, they may not have your other contact information.

This is an opportunity to pique the interest of your contacts and leads and bring them down your sales or other funnels with the additional experiences that your NFT Contact Card can provide.


NFT.Kred is an enterprise-grade NFT platform launched in 2018.

Via its no-code whitelabel solution for brands and e-commerce platforms, and deep set of enterprise APIs, NFT.Kred has minted and distributed more than 30 million NFTs for its brand clients, primarily to mainstream audiences with little or no NFT or blockchain experience.

Meet with the NFT.Kred team to understand how your organization can leverage NFT Contact Cards here.

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