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Influencers and creators engage their fans with NFT.Kred

Create custom Non-Fungible Tokens

Digital Art

Mint unique or numbered series of artworks

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One-Off Pieces

Create exclusive, rare works.

Numbered Series

Release in a limited series.

[fa icon="info-circle"] NFT.Kred lets Artists easily define the rarity of their works, by allowing you to create super rare 1-of-1 pieces or a numbered series of any scale.

Digital Collectibles

Choose your own rarity and properties

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Share recognition and build your tribe.

Collectible Cards

Start your own collectible mania.

Business Cards

Help fans connect with your digital identity.

Redeemable Offers

Drive engagement around a brand or product

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Share a special deal with your fans.


Share a piece of exclusive content.


Share a song or podcast with your fans.


Share an exclusive clip with fans.


Share a download, or discount to buy.


Allow fans to book a time on your calendar.

Share with your Community


Give NFTs

Share an offer or collectible NFT keepsake with your fans without the need for wallets or cryptocurrency.


Email or SMS

Send to a mailing list or by SMS.

Social Media

Post a giveaway link on social.


Release individually or in Bundles.

[fa icon="info-circle"] Fans claim your NFTs using an email address or social account - A custodial wallet is securely created "behind the scenes".

NFTs are minted to Polygon by default, allowing fans to claim and trade your NFTs without paying network transaction fees (also called Gas).

NFTs can be transferred to Ethereum at you or your fans' discretion (network transaction fees apply).


Sell NFTs

NFTs can be listed for sale or auction on platform, or on your favorite Digital Asset marketplace.




Nifty Gateway


Reward Fans with NFTs

See who is most engaged with your @name or #hashtag and reward them with a valuable collectible or offer.


Kred Scores

Kred has provided scoring and insights to Influencers and Brands since 2011.

Activate your own NFT Hub and enter your @name and #hashtag for Kred to identify your Top Fans. Click GIVE to reward them with your coolest NFTs.

Showcase your NFTs

Every account created on NFT.Kred receives a customizable NFT profile on a personalized .Kred domain.

Showcase your NFTs and drive traffic to your most important links - It's the perfect link for your social bios.

  • Showcase your NFTs
    Display a simple carousel or link to your Collection

  • Drive traffic to your most important links
    Your website, blog, podcast and social profiles

  • Your own personalized .Kred DNS ENS Domain
    YourName.Kred is the perfect link for your social bios
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  Blockchain: Fast and Affordable

Kred uses Polygon as its default blockchain, helping creators, communities and brands create scalable NFT experiences.


Polygon is an Ethereum compatible Layer 2 solution which supports Ethereum NFT standards.

How this improves our user experience:

  • Fast - Transactions are usually completed in a few seconds
  • Cheap - No transaction fees or "Gas" passed onto your Community
  • Compatible - Maintained compatibility with major marketplaces like OpenSea
  • Beautiful - Ability to keep the blockchain behind the scenes for a mainstream user experience
NFT.Kred is the producer of the leading Non-Fungible Token event, NFT.NYC [fa icon="external-link"]

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