Distribute your NFTs

Deliver NFTs with Scannable NFC Tags

Simply tab or wave your phone over an NFC Tag to claim an NFT

  • Embed your NFT into an NFC Tag, Card, Chip, or any other device

  • NFC tags can be attached to any phone, keychain, table, hat, hoodie, or any other object

  • Distribute offers, resources, interactive experiences and more

  • No NFT knowledge required - your contacts can claim NFTs without setting up a wallet


Compatible with these NFT Templates

NFT Templates for Creators & Artists


Digital Collectible

Foster engagement with personalized Digital Collectibles


1-of-1 Artwork or Collectible

Unique and rare digital collectible or digital artwork


Numbered Edition Artwork or Collectible

Limited edition digital artworks or collectibles - similar to limited run prints


Register a Physical Artwork

Record the digital provenance of a physical artwork on-chain


Generative Art Collection

Create unique generative art NFTs with weighted traits and rare attributes

NFT Templates for Media & Publishers

[fa icon="play"]

Video or Movie

Give holders the special privilege of digitally owning a one-of-a-kind video experience

[fa icon="music"]

Song or Album

Give holders the special privilege of digitally owning a one-of-a-kind musical experience


Tokenized Articles

Instill trust in your work while rewarding your readers

[fa icon="cloud-download"]

Digital Download

Give individuals access to digital downloads exclusive to your NFT

[fa icon="certificate"]

Proof of Engagement NFTs

Reward engagaement with NFTs for people that consume your content

[fa icon="key"]

Digital Subscription

Unlock access to a news website or digital platform

[fa icon="gamepad"]

Interactive Media (3D model, HTML5 Game)

Embed interactive media files for your NFT holders to access

NFT Templates for Events

[fa icon="id-card"]

NFT Contact Card

Share always up-to-date contact information with your NFT Business Card

[fa icon="trophy"]

NFT Awards for Events

Mint and distribute NFT Awards designed to complement your events, awards ceremonies, and notable occasions.

[fa icon="calendar"]

Meeting Link NFT

Share your personal or professional meeting link with holders of your NFT

[fa icon="certificate"]


Share digital mementos with individuals who attended your event

[fa icon="star"]

NFT Speaker Certificates

Reward Event Speakers and Talent with a verifiable certificate to add to their LinkedIn profile


Collectible Speaker Cards

Invite your Community to collect their favorite Speakers and Talent

[fa icon="trophy"]

Recognition Award

Recognize an individual's special achievements with NFT Awards

[fa icon="ticket"]

Commemorative Ticket Stubs

Create a digital keepsake that represents the look and feel of your event

[fa icon="check-circle"]

Club Membership

Create a digital membership that allows access and represents the look & feel of your club

[fa icon="certificate"]

Satellite Event Proof-of-Attendance

Create redeemable digital mementos for attendees of a side-event or party

[fa icon="users"]

Unlock a Community or Member Section

Make exclusive Community or Member spaces available for the holder

Eventbrite Digital Twin Tickets

Double up your NFT as a ticket for your Eventbrite event

NFT Tickets

Double up your NFT as a ticket to your event

[fa icon="gift"]

Sponsor Swag NFT

Offer redeemable merch via your NFT


NFT Treasure Hunt

Capture interactive milestones as digital keepsakes that participants can keep forever

NFT Templates for Networking

Linkedin Certification

Verifiable NFT Credential that can be added to Linkedin Profiles

[fa icon="trophy"]

Employee Recognition Award

Recognize an individual Employee's achievements with NFT Awards

[fa icon="users"]

Team Recognition Award

Celebrate Team achievements with NFT Awards


NFT Awards for Journalism and Media

Recognize the achievements of members of the Media and content creators

[fa icon="check-circle"]

Work Experience and Milestones

Capture career milestones as digital keepsakes that employees can keep forever

[fa icon="certificate"]

Education and Training

Proof of education or training course completion

[fa icon="calendar-check"]

Employee Participation

Proof-of-Attendance at a company event or offsite

NFT Templates for Store Owners

[fa icon="tag"]

Digital Product Discount

Allow individuals to download and reveal a discount code to use on your offerings

[fa icon="tag"]

Physical Product Discount

Allow individuals to download and reveal a discount code to use on your offerings

[fa icon="gift"]

Free Physical Product

Suprise individuals with a free redemption

[fa icon="unlock"]

Unlock Exclusive Product

Use your NFT as an access card to make exclusive products available for the holder

[fa icon="credit-card"]

NFT Gift Cards

Transform your NFT into a spendable gift card

[fa icon="bicycle"]

Register a Physical Product

Register a physical product on-chain to verify ownership and authenticity

[fa icon="key"]

Register a Digital Product

Facilitate access to your software or other digital products with verifiable NFTs


Mystery Box or Pack

Surprise and delight your holders with a mixed assortment of NFTs

Something Powerful

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