July 14, 2023

Using NFT Contact Cards in Your Email Signature

In today's digital age, networking and making meaningful connections can be challenging. Finding innovative solutions can help us stand out and create memorable experiences for our contacts. By incorporating a NFT Contact Card into your email signature, you deliver a seamless networking experience – providing your contacts with access to your always up-to-date contact information, important links and resources, perks and utilities.

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What is a Contact Card NFT and How Does it Work in an Email Signature?

NFT Contact Cards allow your contacts to save your up to date contact information to their device in one-click. You are additionally able to attach other resources and perks to your NFT, creating a seamless, engaging, and memorable networking experience. NFT Contact Cards can be delivered to your contacts at a networking event, in a presentation or video, in email signatures, and in many other ways

Providing access to your NFT Contact Card in your email signature is a passive and convenient way for you to put your most important links and resources in front of your contacts, as well as giving them your phone numbers, social accounts and other personal information.

Create your own NFT Contact Card and learn more here:


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Why Include a NFT Contact Card in Your Email Signature?

By incorporating a NFT Contact Card into your email signature, you create an interactive and memorable experience for recipients. It simulates the feeling of receiving a physical business card, leaving a lasting impression.

Your NFT Contact Card serves as a gateway to a portal of content that you want your contacts to explore. Whether it's showcasing your portfolio, sharing case studies, or highlighting your achievements, the NFT Contact Card provides a convenient and centralized location for accessing your important resources.

We utilize NFT Contact Cards in our email signatures at NFT.Kred to enhance our networking efforts. By including a NFT Contact Card, curious contacts can enter our sales funnels passively while enjoying an interactive experience with an NFT. They can save our contact information, access resources, and gain deeper insights into our offerings. This approach has proven to be effective in facilitating connections and driving engagement.

How to Add Your NFT Contact Card to Your Email Signature

NFT.Kred provides a solution for linking to your NFT Contact Card with a button that works with any email platform.

Follow these steps to seamlessly integrate your NFT Contact Card into your email signature and unlock the networking potential it offers.

  1. While viewing your NFT Contact Card, click the Share button and then Add To Email Signature
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  2. Customize the button that will link to your NFT, ensuring it aligns with your branding and style

  3. Click Copy Button and select your email client to view instructions on adding the button to your email signature 

Create your own NFT Contact Card and learn more here:




Incorporating a NFT Contact Card into your email signature can make you more effective at networking and reaching your audience. It provides recipients with easy access to your contact information, additional resources, and a memorable digital networking experience. By utilizing this innovative approach, you can enhance your professional image, engage with your contacts in a passive yet effective manner, and showcase your work and expertise. Take advantage of the NFT Contact Card and leave a lasting impression in every email you send.


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Via its no-code whitelabel solution for brands and e-commerce platforms, and deep set of enterprise APIs, NFT.Kred has minted and distributed more than 30 million NFTs for its brand clients, primarily to mainstream audiences with little or no NFT or blockchain experience.

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